More than 150 ‘credible’ witnesses — including several scientists — have told the FBI and military experts they saw a missile destroy TWA Flight 800.

The New York Post (9/22/96)

Official Report: The probable cause of the TWA Flight 800 accident was an explosion of the center wing fuel tank (CWT) [...] neither the energy release mechanism nor the location of the ignition inside the CWT could be determined from the available evidence.” NTSB - 2000

Eyewitness Evidence

The official narrative that witness accounts of a missile are consistent with observation of Flight 800 itself is contradicted by the witness sketches. See those sketches animated in this report.


Circumstantial Evidence

Evidence of military activity around the Flight 800 crash and review of other crash investigations where, unlike this one, probable cause defaults to witness accounts if physical evidence is inconclusive.


Physical Evidence

Officials found small holes in Flight 800 produced by fragments” traveling as fast as bullets along a trajectory not attributable to fuel-tank shrapnel, yet this evidence was dismissed by an arbitrary standard. Other controversial evidence was sent to the dump.


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The corporate conglomeration of the news, telling us what to think, is nakedly evident behind the two abrupt cancellations of our show within one week — one at Disney, the other at Time Warner [...] Unfortunately, any serious investigation of the investigation of TWA Flight 800 will not be made or aired in the USA.

Oliver Stone
New York Post (11/26/98)


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